Nintendo Switch: Do you have a love/ hate relationship with it?

Nintendo Switch Neon Red and Blue (Photo credit:

True gamers would know the answer to the question that I just asked. I have been a longtime Nintendo fan since I was a little kid. To answer the question, I really love my Nintendo Switch that I bought for a Christmas present for myself in 2020. It is an amazing gaming device for kids of all ages. It was a great investment for me. I would recommend getting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The gaming world has changed dramatically in 2021 for everyone. Digital games are common on all gaming platforms from the Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation console systems. I honestly feel that Nintendo has a clear advantage over the new Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X. The Nintendo Switch is portable and you can play with it on the go in the car or in the hotel when you are on vacation. People love that.

The size of the Nintendo Switch fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. According to Nintendo, the size is “4 inches high, 9.4 inches long and 0.55 inches deep with the Joy-Con attached.” You can check out the technical specs on Nintendo’s official website at This is one of many features on the Nintendo Switch that I enjoy.

Nintendo Switch Red & Blue Joycon with the Nintendo Switch dock (Photo Credit:

There are several other features on the new Nintendo Switch that will blow your mind literally. I found this incredible information on an article from Here is the full link to the article:

You can pair your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons with your PC or Mac computer along with your Android smartphone. I found out that you need an application called JoyToKey for PC computers to sync the buttons on the Nintendo Switch properly. Isn’t that cool? This is able to work through the power of Bluetooth to connect your smart phone and computer devices with the Switch.

A second awesome feature is that you have the power to voice chat with your friends by downloading the Nintendo Switch mobile phone application for IPhone or Android and have it open when you start a gaming session. Then, you will be able to chat live with your friends in the comfort of your home. According to Jeffrey Van Camp, an editor at Wired mentions that the “Astro A10 is the more affordable option that works with your phone and Switch at the same time.”

The third feature is locating a missing Joy-Con controller. All you have to do is press the “grey controllers buttons on the home screen, then press Click Controllers.” It will cause the Joy-Con to vibrate. Use your other Joy-Con and press the vibrate button until you locate the missing Joy-Con in your home.

A fourth and final cool feature of a Nintendo Switch is using the Joy-Cons just like the Wii remote. You can easily access this by installing World of Goo with the Joy-Con. Then it will prompt you to place the Joy-Con on a smooth surface. Lastly, you point the Joy-Con at the TV screen. Now, you have the power to use the cursor on the TV just like a Wii game remote controller. It works with some Switch games.

I understand that some gamers may have a hate relationship with the Nintendo Switch. They may have brand loyalty to Xbox or Playstation. That is totally fine. Everyone has the freedom of choice to choose what console or platform they enjoy playing video games with their friends or family members.

Nintendo has come a long way in gaming consoles. I am really looking forward to what gaming console improvements will be implemented 5 years from now. That is truly eye-opening to me.